Let’s Take Stock (currently in production)

Let’s Take Stock is, in part, a reaction to having to spend hours and hours sifting through stock 3D models and sets. Often I find myself working with clients on jobs with no time or budget to model and texture and animate custom assets and have to go with something already made. Stock sites are strange, exciting graveyard dumps of both garbage and gold!

The film is an absurdist romance comedy about a madhouse of existentially lost characters.

The rules:

  • only free stock models
  • nothing “rigged” (clients often don’t understand that stock models of people are not able to be animated – 3D scans have terrible, TERRIBLE geometry and are impossible to rig without re-modeling)
  • only model new elements when absolutely necessary (several sets and detail props I just couldn’t find)

It’s an exercise in absurdity and semi-realistic lighting.

A couple stills:

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