Chasm – 2015

Roger, a family man and blue collar astronaut mines for ore above the surface of a planet. He is kept company only by his ship’s computer.

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Written and Directed by Joel Benjamin.

Story and Animation by Joel Benjamin, Shelley Dodson, John Rhys Garcia.

Voices: Ryan Schiewe as Roger, Shawn Spear as OS.

Environment and Suit UI designed by John Rhys Garcia.

Character and Alien designs by Shelley Dodson.

Ship design and compositing by Joel Benjamin.

Motion Capture Camera technician: Henrik Host-Madsen

Technique: 3D animation, After Effects cutout

This was a total collaboration. We didn’t really know what the plan was going in and just went with it.

The original idea came from Shelley and me thinking about how the smallest things can trip you up. Space is a big scary place and reading about the precautions that astronauts take makes it seem just crazy! You can have the most incredible technology – self-aware AI, dynamic metals, fucking interstellar space-ships!, but all you have to make is one tiny little mistake…


Jury Award: Best Animation – Kansas International Film Fest


10th NexT International Film Festival, Bucuresti, Romania


Anibar Animation Festival, Kosovo, Albania

Chicago International Film Festival, Chicago, IL

Kansas International Film Festival, Overland Park, KS

Sci-Fi London Film Festival, London, UK

The ZONE Sci-Fan Film Festival, Houston, TX

Elgin Short Film Festival, Elgin, IL