‘Drifting’ accepted to MAUVAIS GENRE Film Fest and International Noncommercial Animation Fest BEAR

The 9th edition of “MAUVAIS GENRE” International Film Festival will take place in Tours, France, from the 1st to the 6th of april 2015.

Drifting (invited to submit) will be screened on 6th of april at 13:45 PM at Petit Faucheux.

The main event of the festival is international short films competitions (fiction and anime films), international competition of features films and showcase of features films.

The theme we selected every year are science-fiction, thriller, comedy, horror, detective, drama and fantasy films.

The films will be judged by professionnals and we also set up “special evening” according to each genre.

Drifting was also accepted to International Noncommercial Animation Festival BEAR in Dresden, Germany!


From the website:

“The festival will be held in ZMO Jugend e.V., a non-profit organization focused on working with children and young people. Many years ago a film society is successfully running in the walls of ZMO Jugend e.V.. The Animation Festival BEAR will take place in the club for the first time.”