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Festival SPASM, Kansas IFF

More fest news…

Both Drifting and Oh, Those Kittens will be screening at Festival SPASM in Quebec.

Kittens on the 23rd of Oct, in the “Cabaret Trash” program

Drifting on the 28th, in the “Unclassifiables”

Also – I’m stunned and humbled to announce that Chasm; Familiar; and Oh, Those Kittens! will all be screening in the Kansas International Film Festival in Overland Park, Kansas!

Nov 7th and Nov 10th are the two animation screenings. Full schedule here:

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‘Drifting’ accepted to MAUVAIS GENRE Film Fest and International Noncommercial Animation Fest BEAR

The 9th edition of “MAUVAIS GENRE” International Film Festival will take place in Tours, France, from the 1st to the 6th of april 2015.

Drifting (invited to submit) will be screened on 6th of april at 13:45 PM at Petit Faucheux.

The main event of the festival is international short films competitions (fiction and anime films), international competition of features films and showcase of features films.

The theme we selected every year are science-fiction, thriller, comedy, horror, detective, drama and fantasy films.

The films will be judged by professionnals and we also set up “special evening” according to each genre.

Drifting was also accepted to International Noncommercial Animation Festival BEAR in Dresden, Germany!


From the website:

“The festival will be held in ZMO Jugend e.V., a non-profit organization focused on working with children and young people. Many years ago a film society is successfully running in the walls of ZMO Jugend e.V.. The Animation Festival BEAR will take place in the club for the first time.”

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Drifting – Wins Silver Plaque at Chicago Film Festival

Short Film: Animation competition at Chicago International Film Fest. Silver Plaque: “Drifting!” Completely stunned and honored! So many amazing animations in the festival! Glad I got to see them and meet a few filmmakers!


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“Drifting” takes Festival 1st Prize and Best Animation at Elgin

Nice little Courier writeup about the Elgin Film Fest, where “Drifting” took 1st prize!

Note to future self: Come up with something to say just in case you have to speak in front of people so you don’t sound like a doofus…


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“Drifting” Official Select Chicago International FF, Klik! Amsterdam Animation Fest, Golden Orchid International Animation Fest

Huzzah! It’s finally announceable! “Drifting” will be screening at the Chicago International Film Festival this year!

Here’s the schedule for Drifting’s screening sections


Also selected for Golden Orchid International Animation Festival in Pennsylvania in late September and Klik! in Amsterdam in November. Totally ecstatic to be a part of all these amazing fests!

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“Drifting” – Official Selection Elgin Short Film Festival

This year’s finalists are:

“Drifting” Directed by Joel Benjamin
The animated story about surviving on the middle of the ocean on an airplane wing.

“Race You to Russia” Directed by Brett Hays
This film was written by a 7th grader and is the story about how a clever boy beats a bully to a bogus destination.

“Journeyman” Directed by Leo Gilbert
An aging ex-NBA ball player must choose between extending a damaged career or giving up everything for his young son.

“FLOWERS” Directed by Sabina Sattar
A boy falls in love with a deaf and mute girl and has to find a way to communicate his feelings for her.

“The White Room” Directed by Tom Doherty
A powerful, emotional, psychological drama that follows a young man who wakes up trapped and confused in a mysterious room with no recollection as to how he came to be there.

These Top Five Films will be shown in the intimate 1,200-seat theater of The Hemmens Cultural Center on the evening of Saturday, September 27 at 7 PM.

Beginning at 6:15 PM the filmmakers and judges will walk and be interviewed on the red carpet before entering The Hemmens Cultural Center. There will also be pre-show entertainment. #downtownElgin #shortfilmfestival

Ticket info can be found here

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