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RELAX, Midwest screenings

Relax, It’s Probably just a Parasite has several screenings coming up in the midwest.

First in Chicago, at the Chicago International Film Festival, in the Animation Shorts Program:

Shorts Program 2: Outside the Lines (Animation)


Shorts Program 2: Outside the Lines (Animation): Wed, Oct 17 @ 3:30 pm

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Shorts Program 2: Outside the Lines (Animation): Thu, Oct 18 @ 7:45 pm

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Then in Kansas City, at the Kansas International Film Festival, in the Animation Shorts Program, 10/18/2018 | 7:25pm

Relax, It’s Probably Just a Parasite

And finally in St. Louis, at the St. Louis International Film Festival. The ticket info pending, but the screening time is:

11/7/2018 9:15 PM at Tivoli 3 as part of the Narrative Shorts: Horror program.

and the website is:



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Recursion screening at Chicago International FF

So excited to announce that Recursion will be screening at Chicago International Film Festival this year!
It’s screening in the City and State Program (two other excellent animators’ films, Anne Beal and Nolan Downs, are in the program as well!)
Tues 10/18 at 4pm
Sun 10/23 at 12:45 pm
Wed 10/26 at 8:15pm
Thanks so much to Bryen Hensley for making it sound good! And Douglas Bean for bringing The Man to life with his exceptional voice talent.
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Drifting – Wins Silver Plaque at Chicago Film Festival

Short Film: Animation competition at Chicago International Film Fest. Silver Plaque: “Drifting!” Completely stunned and honored! So many amazing animations in the festival! Glad I got to see them and meet a few filmmakers!


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“Drifting” Official Select Chicago International FF, Klik! Amsterdam Animation Fest, Golden Orchid International Animation Fest

Huzzah! It’s finally announceable! “Drifting” will be screening at the Chicago International Film Festival this year!

Here’s the schedule for Drifting’s screening sections


Also selected for Golden Orchid International Animation Festival in Pennsylvania in late September and Klik! in Amsterdam in November. Totally ecstatic to be a part of all these amazing fests!

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