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RELAX, Midwest screenings

Relax, It’s Probably just a Parasite has several screenings coming up in the midwest.

First in Chicago, at the Chicago International Film Festival, in the Animation Shorts Program:

Shorts Program 2: Outside the Lines (Animation)


Shorts Program 2: Outside the Lines (Animation): Wed, Oct 17 @ 3:30 pm

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Shorts Program 2: Outside the Lines (Animation): Thu, Oct 18 @ 7:45 pm

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Then in Kansas City, at the Kansas International Film Festival, in the Animation Shorts Program, 10/18/2018 | 7:25pm

Relax, It’s Probably Just a Parasite

And finally in St. Louis, at the St. Louis International Film Festival. The ticket info pending, but the screening time is:

11/7/2018 9:15 PM at Tivoli 3 as part of the Narrative Shorts: Horror program.

and the website is:



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Chasm awarded Jury Prize – Best Animation at KIFF

kiffAwardGot the exciting email from the coordinator that CHASM won the Jury Award for Animation at the 2015 Kansas International Film Festival.

I was lucky enough to go (with my wife and much of the Benjamin family) to one of the screenings. There were some pretty great animations in the fest and I’m happy to have just been screened among them let alone receive this honor.

Forgive the dorky(er) expression on my face, I believe I’m laughing at my uncle photobombing the photo but not actually being even in the photo…


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